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Server Edition (Installable Edition)

If you want to host Chat4Support on your own server, and pay one-time cost, please purchase Chat4Support Server edition. One-year free support, One-year free upgrade, No setup fee.

User Quantity Prices (USD)
5 users
USD 799
10 users
USD 1299
25 users
USD 2299
More than 25 users

Quarterly and Yearly Billing Plans are recommended, because your actual monthly cost will be less and you don't need to go online to place an order every month. (We don't have your credit card information, so you must pay online by yourself every billing cycle to renoew your account)


System Requirements

  • .NET Framework 2 or higher
  • IIS 5 or higher installed and running.
  • Windows Vista/Windows XP Professional/Windows 2003/Windows 2000 SP4
  • The Server will need a permanent Internet connection
  • RAM: at least 256MB
  • Free Disk Space: at least 100mb (not including space for the database)
  • Customers must specify a url for Chat4Support Server installation. (For example: http://chat.yourwebsite.com)
  • If customers want to enable SSL feature, customers must have one or purchase SSL certificate from certificate vendors.
  • Enough bandwidth and disk space

Software Package
Coding Best Software ("We") will offer the whole package (with all Professional features) of Chat4Support Server edition to customers ("Customers") who purchase Chat4Support Server edition. The package will include: Chat4Support Server Software, Chat4Support Operator Software, and web-based Admin Console software.

We can help install Chat4Support Server software on customers'server if customers allow us to do so and provide us with server access information. There is no charge for the installation of Chat4Support Server software.

One-year Free Support and Upgrade
We will offer one-year free support and free upgrade to all Chat4Support Server Edition users. The start date of the one-year period will begin on the date when the customers'order has been processed successfully. The support methods include live chat, email, ftp, remote desktop. Customers must provide us with correct contact or access information. Customers must initiate a upgrade request by email if they need to get free upgrade.

Support and Upgrade Fees after One-year Period

Support Fees:
Type Fees (USD per request)
Basic Support
General inquiries, Simple questions
Problem Investigation $25
Investigate the problem (we will solve the problem if it is easy to fix )
Server Software Re-installation $50
Re-install the Server software
Advanced Support $100 or more
More complicated problems and tasks

Upgrade Fees:

User Quantity
Upgrade Fees (USD Per Year)
10-User $250
25-User $450

Refund Policy
Customers can request a refund within 30 days after the purchase if the software cannot work at all. We will investigate the refund and help solve any problems to avoid refund. If we approve the refund request, customers must remove all Chat4Support files from their computers, and the full amount of the payment less USD100 will be refunded to the customers. (USD 100 will not be refunded)


  • We can help install Chat4Support server system on your server if you provide us with your server access information.
  • If you don't have system requiremnets above, please purchase our Hosted Edition.
  • Customers must provide adequate resources (including hardware and software) to install and run the Chat4Support Edition successfully, otherwise we are not responsible for any problems caused by insufficient resources.
  • If you have any questions about the server edition, please feel free to contact us.